About Diana

Hi, my name is Diana Angeles, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant. I am a proud Filipina Canadian, I’m happily married to my soul mate, I love being a mother to my beautiful daughter named Anna and I am a big foodie where I enjoy trying out new recipes and basically just love to eat!

Learning the hard way, I’ve experienced in the past how the body can be affected with poor eating and lifestyle choices leading to digestive issues and other health challenges. My health journey led me to become a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, empowering other women to take responsibility for their own health. 

From a very young age, I had eczema on my fingers with itchy, dry, flaking and cracking skin that never got better no matter how much prescription cream I used. Growing into my teenage years, facial acne appeared where my skin issues became its worse in my early twenties. Blemishes appeared on my chin, nose, forehead and cheeks where no amount of concealer could hide the pain it created on my emotions when applying it. Even when they went away, a darkened mark or scar would be left waiting for another pimple to appear again. My skin flared up so bad that my eczema had spread all throughout my entire hands. Washing them or doing anything with my hands became an irritating chore.

To add to that, I suffered from severe menstrual cramps. Whenever my irregular cycle did come, I would feel my abdomen twist with pain then relax like a wave of torture. A sore back, bloating, nausea and cold sweats would accompany my cramps. If I tried eating anything, my digestive system would fail me making my body vomit whatever was in my stomach.

During high school leading up to my university days, I practiced bad habits of an unhealthy lifestyle. I didn’t get much exercise, was over stressed, ate too much junk food and worked two part time jobs along with being a full-time student. Procrastination in doing my assignments led me to stay up late sacrificing sleep that my body desperately needed. I remember in the mornings hitting the snooze button a dozen times before actually getting out of bed. When school got really busy I would turn to fast food for nourishment since I never made the time to prepare healthy lunches and snacks from home. Granola bars, fries, pasta, pizza and subs became my normal diet.

When I finally graduated from the University of Alberta with a Science degree in Pharmacology, I was at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been. My health issues never went away. When I learned that the drug I was prescribed for my menstrual cramps was taken off the market for its fatal side effects, I knew it was time for a change. The field of study I chose in university failed me in helping improve my own health! 

I sought help in alternative health care. I learned so many things about what it takes to maintain a healthy body. My lifestyle choices affected my hormonal balance showing through my menstrual and skin issues.  Addressing this took a lot of patience for my body to recover but my health was worth the wait. Over time I didn’t need to use any more of my old skin products or pain medication because I no longer suffered from those issues. The improvements in my health made such an impact that when the opportunity came to enroll back to school and learn more about Natural Nutrition, I obtained my certification taking night courses. It answered all my questions on the foundation of eating real food when the body becomes unbalanced. Looking back, I wish I had someone to guide me in looking away from a cure or a quick fix and diving deep into the root of why my body was acting out. My intention is to help other females like me and to guide them through their health journey when hormonal issues arise.

Diana Angeles BSc, CHNC
Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant