What (Not) to Expect From a Holistic Nutritionist

With the new year’s arrival, many see it as a time for change. For me, becoming more public about who I am as a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant is the resolution I chose for 2019. I decided to start this blog so people can learn a little about me and more about health related topics for bettering their well-being. Anyone who knows me on a close personal matter is aware of how introverted I can be. Having this website is a pretty big and intimidating step for me!  

A popular new year’s resolution is improving one’s health, but why wait for a new year? The best time is whenever you are ready to commit. Only you can determine that. When you are ready to make the change and need someone to hold you accountable, guide, and support you through improving your eating habits, why not work with a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant? I often get the question on exactly what I do?  

As a nutrition consultant, it is not only about food.  

Yes, a big portion of working together will be suggestions on improving diet, however other lifestyle factors can come into play.  I am trained as a holistic practitioner where I take into an account not only what is going on with your diet, but also your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 

I do not follow specific fad diets or Canada’s food guidelines

Following a specific diet or the recommended daily intake of whole grains, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables may be a good start on becoming healthier. Nonetheless, I view each person as a unique individual with specific needs that will help your body recover back to a healthier you. 

There is no magic pill that will instantly make you better. 

Real whole foods are the best choice to feed your body giving it the right combination of nutrients to work together for providing nourishment. Supplementation may be advised along with the improvement of diet, but it is important to remember time is necessary for the body to become well again.

Our focus will not be on any specific diseases.

Treating, curing or preventing disease is not under my scope of practice.  What I look into is allowing your body to go back into balance to function optimally. When signs show up indicating a weakness, this helps me know where to start to strengthen one area while simultaneously helping other interconnections of the body.

It’s not me, it’s you.

When given the right tools, the body can repair itself. The choice is yours to make the change in your diet and other lifestyle habits. I can only act as a guide and educator to empower you on your wellness journey. I will do my best in supporting you by how to get into the right mind set and of course the proper nourishment, however only you can make yourself better.

I have been there before where I just couldn’t commit to change in making healthier lifestyle choices. One of the biggest challenges as a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant is listening to my own advice. Many put family, work or anything else before self-care, but it makes sense to take care of yourself before taking care of anyone or anything else. For more information on what my consulting services include, please visit my website and feel free to contact me to see if the Holistic Nutrition approach is right for you.

Diana Angeles // Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant